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We help horses and their owners with relational problems.

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Does your horse have a behavior problem, in hand or in the saddle? Does this affect your relationship?


Communication. A concept we daily use. As well among people as between a human being and an animal. Despite all the use of our communicative skills, it remains a field in which we keep on experiencing trouble and difficulties.
We also have huge communication problems with horses.
We can help you to overcome this.

We all assume that dealing with horses is such a natural thing to do. But we can ask ourselves: is that a right statement? Do we really have the skills and understanding to be able to treat those animals the way we ought to do.
If you experience any kind of problem between you and your horse, either regarding his behavior on the ground or under the saddle. By means of observing we can help you to get a better insight of this undesired behavior shown by your horse. By means of specific problem related training we can overcome the situation, so you can continue your path together in harmony.
Just stepping back to the basis for a moment can already prevent or solve a lot of problems.

Do you recognize yourself in this scenario?

Specialized in solving behavior problems with horses, by which the focus lies completely on you and your horse in a personal approach, and you find yourself motivated like us to let yourself guide by our experienced help, do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions and/or make an appointment.
We will gladly be of service.


Triquetra is Latin for “triangular”. It represents Trinity that already exists for many centuries (found 5000 years ago for the first time on religious Indian statues). In many religions, the number three has always been a sacred number.
And not only are my logo and company name based on this Trinity but also the way I do my trainings.
Unity on soul-level, unity on the level of the mind (and emotional) and unity on a physical level (soul, spirit and body). To dance, to play and lightness also belong to this Trinity. All imbedded with as result a unity filled with harmony, without any force, just to be “in the moment”.

Our location

  • Round pen 15m*15m
  • Sand school (20m*15m)
  • 6 boxes
  • 7 hectares of pasture

The specialists

Our team consists of one member specialized in behavioral problems who is also expertized in the right way of movement for the horse as well as the rider.
If requested, the service of an awareness trainer can be enabled who is experienced in psychological and emotional guidance and who used to work a lot with horses and their owners.


Gala, dominant because of fear (mare, 6 years old)
I have bought a mare, 6 years old, who has not been used to a lot of things there where she came from. She was difficult to lead and being in an unknown environment did not help.
Because of a combination of dominance towards me, and her fear, I did not know how to solve the problem myself. She turned into herself, lost connection with the things and people around her, and reared in front of me.
I started looking for someone who was able to make me understand this kind of behavior and to help me solve it. That’s how I found Désirée.
Because of getting to understand why my mare acted like she did, and how I reacted on it, I eventually learn to do the right thing to solve the problem, her behavior completely disappeared in 3 weeks while working in a totally calm way.

owner of Gala

Levi does not want to give his hind legs (gelding, 2 ½ year old)
Thank you so much for your help with Levi. He now voluntarily gives his hind legs without any problem. He is so calm when we ask him to give his feet. He accepts it now completely. We are so satisfied of what you have accomplished with Levi.

owner of Levi

Blue, to teach him to enter the trailer (gelding, 4 years old)
Désirée has helped me to teach my young horse to enter a trailer properly. He is a difficult horse who is very frightened and can show violent reactions. That’s why I decided to train him the right way from the beginning. I asked Désirée to come. She is very patient and handles the whole procedure correctly. It took us one afternoon and now, as soon as he sees an open trailer on the driveway, I have to be careful that he does not immediately jump into it.
In short, it was a perfect training and a very satisfactory result, definitely to be recommended!

owner of Blue

If you have any questions, please contact us

If you have any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or maybe you do not find here what you are looking for, let us know and we might be able to help you further.
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