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“A different approach of horses and horse riding.”

Désirée was trained in the Netherlands as an equine behaviorist. An education that lasted three years and where she has already been able to gain a lot of experience with all types of horses with undesirable and dangerous behavior.
She also worked for a year for a stable specializing in the revalidation of horses (lame, kissing spine or other) to teach them to rebalance themselves by using their body as they should use them without overcompensation (which can ALSO cause injury).
In addition, she is continuously being formed since you never finish learning about a subject as vast as the being horse. Science progresses, it is up to us to progress too.

Specialist in horse behavior, its locomotion and its way of thinking and perceiving its environment, she will know how to approach your horse in a completely personal way, different from the one we see conventionally.

She is very qualified in behavioral issues and young horses, but also in dressage!

The goal is to work without draw rains !! or physical constraint on the part of the rider, the work is focused on relaxation, understanding and learning of the horse, straightness, balance and calm, and that the rider is no longer a crutch that supports, carries, ondergoes, pushes or pulls (the famous ten kilos in each arm or the concrete legs!) but a passenger as discreet as possible on a Horse who will be able to take charge and manage his balance and his locomotion alone (horses advanced in dressage but the basics can be set right from the backing of the horse).

Many horses of any type, any profile, any age, any breed, have passed through her hands, you want your horse to be next?

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“I strongly believe in the bond between man and horses and what one can do for the other, learn from the other. What one can be for the other. What can be achieved together and aiming for the best.” 




Triquetra is Latin for “triangular”. It represents Trinity that already exists for many centuries (found 5000 years ago for the first time on religious Indian statues). In many religions, the number three has always been a sacred number.
And not only are my logo and company name based on this Trinity but also the way I do my trainings.
Unity on soul-level, unity on the level of the mind (and emotional) and unity on a physical level (soul, spirit and body). To dance, to play and lightness also belong to this Trinity. All imbedded with as result a unity filled with harmony, without any force, just to be “in the moment”.


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