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Not sure you can find a solution for your horse’s behavior? Do not wait until the situation gets worse. Ask directly a specialist to come.

You are wondering why? Apart from the fact that it gives me a new customer.
No, I do not say it for myself but for you.
And the reason why is a matter of time, energy and money.

Time because as your horse’s behavior worsens, more time will be needed to solve the problem. A problem, which often at first, is not at all complicated and can probably be solved in less than an hour.

Energy, for the same reason written above. As owner you will have to regain confidence but also the horse must regain confidence in you. It takes more energy when your relationship has already taken a huge slap. It will be necessary to prove to the horse that you can reassure him and this is only possible when you put even more energy in your relation.

Money because the problem will probably not be resolved in a one-hour session, it will take a lot more hours of training.

Unfortunately, we always try to find a solution on our own. Or we ask a friend, our family, (or someone else) … for help. As a result, to find a horse even more dangerous or even more lively in his reactions or in the worst case, the horse has hurt someone.

Not having an answer to a question and asking for help is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary it shows that you know where your strengths and weaknesses are. That you want to do even better for your horse in the future and make sure to make your weakness a new strength. To evolve. To progress. And is it not great to be able to evolve and progress with a partner who wants those things too.

So how much time, energy, and money are you willing to spend?