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The circumstances in which a horse finds himself, form his way of reacting in the present moment.

I promised to come back to the horse I mentioned in my blog about regressions. He is a horse formed by circumstances. I will not go into the details of his past.
Two years old, the age he had when coming to his new stable. He came out of the van very stressed and then put in a paddock. The people working there could not catch him anymore. Hunting him in a box seemed at that moment the best solution to be able to catch him again. In the box he also behaved in a dangerous way. Entering the box to give the horse food was not possible either. He would try to kick you.
The question that everyone will have to ask themselves will be: is he a dangerous horse or is it the circumstances in which he found himself and / or he find himself in that makes him act this way?
Depending on the character of the horse, they all react differently in moments that are stressful. One horse may become violent, the other may become apathetic. Another will put up with it until he will become a bomb that explodes and yet by another you will already see that the tension is rising slowly in his body.

The horse we are talking about was in this stable only one day not knowing what was going to happen to him. Let him get used to his new environment is a first thing to do but given the aggressiveness that already led him to winning several times against the humans will not help anyone in the future. Nor himself. Moreover, in the stables one must be able to do the work and with such a horse it is not possible.

What we found after the training was a horse very close to humans but hypersensitive to change. A very expressive horse with a lot of strength.
In the days that followed, no one had any problems with him.

This shows that most of the time, the circumstances in which a horse is forms his way of acting. In this case, is it really the horse’s fault to behave in a certain way?